Welcome to the author page of poet, writer, Virgo, hopeless romantic, and crafter, Joanna Imogen Davidson. Visit often to stay up to date on events, blog posts, publications, and anything else I can think of putting here.

Author Bio:

Poet and playwright Joanna Imogen Davidson, recently served as Poetry Editor of Treehouse literary magazine. Her poems have appeared in the anthologies Witness: Appalachia to Hatteras and Heron Clan IV. A member of the North Carolina Poetry Society and the North Carolina Writers' Network, she studied in the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poets Series. In 2018, the Women's Theatre Festival stage read her ten-minute play "Unfolding" during Occupy the Stage and she read with newly appointed NC Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green.

Another career change brings her into the software/app development field after extensive experience as a technology specialist and library assistant. She has also worked as a groundskeeper, medical records specialist, and assistant hat maker. 

Davidson is a queer transgender woman, a southern belle with a love of hats who focuses all free time on completing a chapbook this year.


I have an immense fascination with thistles, moss, waterfalls, and fog, as well as birds of prey, especially shrikes and kestrels. Big fan of NC CouragePartick Thistle, and West Coast Eagles. Very supportive of the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition. Always interested in reading and listening to poetry, so I go to a lot of poetry readings and open mics in the area. Would also love to do more storytelling, but have been focusing on my poetry so much lately.

And, Yes, Yes, YES, I love hats. Of all kinds. Except baseball caps. Not a fan of those.

Favorite authors currently include Lloyd Alexander, Tamora Pierce, Stephen R. Donaldson, Elizabeth Moon, Octavia E. Butler, Elia (Charles Lamb), Lee Smith, Henry James, Aldous Huxley, and Terry Pratchett. Favorite poets currently include Beth Gylys, Jaki Shelton Green, Lucille Clifton, Traci Brimhall, Anne Sexton, Melissa Range, David Bottoms, and Brad Leithauser.

Public key found at: https://keybase.io/shrikesong/

In case you're wondering, Shrikesong is a name I use online some as well as the name of a character I created for some stories. Hopefully, I can get those published and you can learn about Shrikesong's life and how the House of Shrike evolves over time.