Further Tech Studies (Tech Blog Topics)

After completing Momentum Learning's immersive cohort last year, I began looking for work. Both my writing and my coding suffered because I spent so much time networking, filling out job applications, and reworking my resume. I did not spend as much time learning more about coding. My studies were sporadic.

The past couple of months, however, I have jumped back into coding after coming up with some ideas on small apps I could create to help at my part time job. Also I learned of Samvera, Fedora, Hyrax, etc. earlier this year. I have a background of working in a public library for many years (and find myself back in one part time now), so the open source software focusing on data repositories, digital asset management, and curation excite me.

I gained a renewed interest in the operational, systems side of development, which will increase my DevOps, continuous integration, and testing abilities as a developer. I have started learning more about virtualization and containerization. I have started brushing up on my Ruby on Rails knowledge, especially gearing up for Rails 6. My current areas of focus include Docker, VirtualBox, JavaScript, PHP, Joomla templating, and testing.

Partially to that end, I recently began taking the JavaScript 30 course by Wes Bos. I already knew some JavaScript, but this deeper dive will prepare me for React as well. Follow my progress as I blog about it here as well as see updates on my GitHub repo.